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Symptoms of laryngeal cancer · Chronic sore throat or cough · Ear pain · Hoarseness or other voice changes · Lump in the neck or throat · Pain or difficulty. a sore throat on one side; a lump in your neck; earache; problems swallowing or moving your mouth and jaw; a change in your voice. Having these symptoms does. What are symptoms of laryngeal cancer? · Difficulty or painful swallowing · Difficulty breathing · Noisy breathing · Severe hoarseness · Coughing of blood .

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Symptoms of laryngeal cancer · a change in your voice, such as sounding hoarse · pain when swallowing or difficulty swallowing · a lump or swelling in your neck · a. Throat Cancer Symptoms · Hoarseness or other change in the voice · Difficulty swallowing or the feeling that something is caught in the throat · Persistent sore. Possible Signs of Laryngeal Cancer · Hoarseness · A sore throat or cough that does not go away · Coughing up of blood or bloody sputum · Trouble or pain when.

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Head and Neck Cancer: Symptoms and Signs · Swelling or a sore that does not heal; this is the most common symptom · Red or white patch in the mouth · Lump, bump. 1. Symptoms and signs of Laryngeal Cancer · pain on swallowing · difficulty swallowing · sore throat or pain in the ears · a lump in the neck (swollen lymph nodes. Throat cancer symptoms · throat pain · shortness of breath · persistent sore throat or cough · coughing up blood · changes to the voice such as hoarseness.