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The investments available in the plan — the most common options are mutual funds — are determined by the employer, who may get help from the plan's financial. ShareBuilder k is a simple, affordable k provider. Invest Wisely. Invest for less with our high-quality 1 investment roster. You can roll over your (k) assets into a Traditional IRA or Roth IRA1 with Access Investing. Goals. 3. We'll do the rest. Drawing.

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Target date fund investing continues to be prevalent in (k) plans, particularly among younger More. More. News Release. ICI Research Finds Americans. With a k, you also avoid the minimum investment that many mutual funds require of other investors. These can start at $ and run up to $10, or more. If. Typically, (k) plans offer a range of mutual funds and sometimes exchange-traded funds (ETFs). The funds invest in collections of stocks, bonds, or other.

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How to keep your money working hard. · Our two cents · Roll over the assets to your new employer's (k) plan · Roll over the assets to a Traditional IRA · Roll. If you contribute ten percent of your earnings consistently, receive a three percent raise each year and earn an eight percent rate of return on your investment. Choosing investments within a plan Generally, (k) plans offer several options in which to invest contributions. Such options generally include mutual funds.