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Scratch is a free object-oriented software development kit (SDK) that allows children age to create animations, interactive stories, games and music. Using the awesome graphics editor of the free online coding platform Scratch, you will learn how to create graphics and how use simple drag-and-drop code to. Major Concepts. Scratch is a program developed by MIT teaching students the basics on how computers think! This program will introduce students to real coding.

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Scratch is a visual programming language available for free online. It was designed for children ages 8 through 16, but it is used by people of all ages to. Scratch Coding for Kids: Have Fun With Computer Coding, Creating Awesome Projects, Animations and Simulations. With this Guide You Will be Able to Create. Discover how computers work and what coding does – then follow simple, step-by-step instructions to code your own stories and games. The coding uses Scratch Jr.

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About the book: Get kids coding with Computer Coding Scratch Projects Made Easy, a cool introduction to Scratch programming from number 1 best-selling education. It's the perfect coding book for beginners or Scratch enthusiasts who want to find out how to use all the exciting new features, such as new types of blocks and. Scratch is a visual programming language that allows students to create their own computer, you do not need Internet access to create a project.